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It requires a lot of space and, if a sink and a hob are fitted as well as the worktop, it requires very detailed planning of the electric and plumbing systems.

The perspective view clearly reveals the most significant features of this new arrangement with an island. It is complete from a functional viewpoint: as well as the hob, the worktop and the sink, it has a breakfast bar and a back section with various accessories. Clean lines, pure volumes, light materials and an advanced ergonomic study distinguish this project. The island hood with its steel casing has a horizontal glass panel and a front one that together contain and convey the cooking fumes and protect the breakfast bar when cooking.

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A single kitchen-living room area is becoming more and more frequent in contemporary homes. An open space has become the heart of the home, be it a loft or a bedsitter, an apartment flat or a single house.

The versatility of the Desired Designs guarantees the possibility of personalization and constructing the living room, of integrating the functions and of co-ordinating elements, modules and materials.

The best part of such modular kitchens is their ability to serve the owners in multiple ways. If the rooms are big enough, such a layout would even have generous space for a dining table. In addition, proper arrangements of kitchen essentials can fetch storage space right into the extreme corner.

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The elements are installed along two adjoining kitchen walls. The sink, the hob and the fridge must be relatively near to each other so as to reduce distances and make it easier to carry out various kitchen chores.
Due to the fact that it is arranged on two adjoining sides, the corner kitchen must be planned by creating logical connections between the various functional areas to make work in the kitchen run as smoothly as possible. A perspective view shows the real space, allowing you to assess the position of the single elements, the colour scheme, the combination of materials and the lighting.

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Such a modular kitchen type suits those homes that look to get the most out of the available space. a proper distance has to be maintained between the two kitchen lines for the maximum result. If that arrangement is followed base units then can be accessed without any issue.

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