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We at the Desired Designs believe that your home is an extension of you and must reflect your unique sense of style and refinement. And therefore, Desired Designs proudly brings to your home decor crafted to appeal to your eyes, provoke your soul and create that unique sense of YOU.
We offer you an outstanding collection of furnished and designed Interior furniture in Bangalore with the beauty and elegance of a bygone era for decorating your world of happiness. DESIRED DESIGNS have an enormous collection of Wallcoverings, Wooden and Vinyl flooring, Artifacts, Blinds and Furniture in Bangalore under one-stop that designs a complete home. Desired Designs are one of the best Furniture Store in Bangalore.
We provide a classic touch for your residential cum commercial space with amazing collections of furniture, interiors and complete home decors as per your choice and budget because your satisfaction is our first priority... Give your home an elegant touch feel at affordable prices and avail all the exciting deals and offers on our store at Bommanahalli, Bangalore.
You can buy our products- INTERIORS, LUXURY FURNITURE, WOODEN FLOORING, BLINDS, WALLCOVERINGS & ARTEFACTS carved out of good quality material that long-lasting and matches your lifestyle with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We create fine spaces for the gracious living area, bedroom designs added with wooden built spacious & colorful wardrobes and T.V units, modular kitchen with laminate flooring textured as well as using bright accessories can make big difference in overall warmth and desirability of the kitchen… At Desired Designs, we help you build spaces that make you smile and create fantasy. Browse our styles and make your dream home come true with DESIRED DESIGNS.

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To continue serving ethically and professionally through our operational excellence. Building outstanding customer relations by constantly improving our services. Intensively being attached to work helps us transcend our quest for perfection.

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Furniture that Speaks Life into your Living

Desired DESIGNS is one of the best furniture stores in Bangalore. Desired designs Luxury Furniture is part of a stylish collection of fabric sofas, leather sofa, chaises and chairs that will bring a welcome addition to any contemporary living space. Its modern design with comfort features will complement any modern lifestyle.
Whether you want to build an eye-catching or just want a simpler entertainment space, our sofa is the perfect foundation for any setting. The simple and solid upholstery sofa is supported by espresso-finished block feet for an extra touch of traditional appeal.
Give your home an elegant touch feel at affordable prices and avail all the exciting deals and offers on our furniture store at Bommanhalli, Bangalore. You can buy our sofas products carved out of solid pine wood materials with the versatile chaise and pillow top armrest add cozy style to your living area or choose from various designs and features that match your style with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Setting it at the center of your living room to craft the perfect place to gather with YOUR family & friends and enjoy watching the latest movies, matches, or a perfect place to hangouts.

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The modular kitchen is the heart of the home. The creation of interiors in the kitchen helps to create an inviting and timeless space to cook and gather with family and friends. We design within your taste, we built within your budget, and your satisfaction is our first priority. If you are looking for a different kitchen design, we do offer custom kitchens that fit your specific vision.
Construct the modular kitchen by our interior designers can be curved seamlessly to give a completely unique look that enhances the charm of your kitchen with our straight, parallel, L-shaped modular kitchen interior designs by using bright accessories can make a big difference in the overall warmth and desirability of the kitchen at Desired Designs Bangalore.

Welcome to a world of beautiful flooring from the inventor of lamination

Come to shop our unique home style decor collections of Flooring- vinyl flooring and laminate flooring at Desired Designs Bangalore. Flooring is cheaper and easier to install than tiles, as compared to tiles, flooring has a soft surface and easy to maintain, even long-lasting too.

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The sky really is the limit here-almost any paper can be turned into wallpaper pattern with enough patience and creativity

DESIRED DESIGNS superstore with an endless collection of customized, 3D, simple, Stone, & floral wallcoverings for a new look to your home wall. Always opt for more decorative outlet wallcoverings. It's a little touch that makes a big difference in your walls.
At Desired Designs, we offer an exciting range of wallcoverings for you to choose from us, for all room types. Whether it’s warm damask for the living room, a classic stripe for the hall or a comforting floral design for the bedroom, you are bound to find the perfect wallcoverings for your home, by picking from our creative range of wallcoverings that beautify your wall with craziness.

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Desired Designs Blinds style of window dressing suits small rooms and rooms with lots of windows, as they don’t appear as overwhelming in comparison to curtains, Control the sun and light levels with Desired Designs huge range of exterior or interior BLINDS collection.
Blinds act as a partition for any openings that create a great look for your home. Blinds style of window treatments is more affordable and the user is provided with complete light control with our advanced operating system, i.e. new wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule your window treatment from your smartphone, tablet or a remote control.

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